Why a Commercial Grade Website?
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Why a Commercial Grade Website™?

  • 95% of the work is done - Track products, inventory, visitors, web pages, layouts, built-in search engine optimization and more. Our system has full integration and advanced layout technology to build your site quickly. It's about working smarter, not harder.
  • Hosting - Our servers are on a T1 with 24 hour power back-up. All servers are RAID-ed, with daily backup `snapshots` followed by weekly `catastrophic` backups to an off-site location.
  • Design Experience - Having developed websites for almost a decade we understand design fundamentals, such as: contrast, clarity of message and "call to action."
  • Database & Data Management Experience - Almost 17 years developing software applications, including the entire windows, database and installation programs for commercial applications such as: ImageFiler ID, ImageFilter LE, ImageFiler K-12, ACTFAS and nearly all integrations. Our expertise includes inventory control, POS, imaging, telephony, OMR and more. Senior Software Engineer Total Solutions, Inc. Worked on NASA's Optical Transient Detector
  • Formal Training - Batchlers in Computer Information Science with a minor in Mathematics

Most companies today need to be able to quickly design and modify their website layout.  They need to add web pages and update content themselves, to reduce cost.  They need search engine optimization, so search engines can find their products.  On the back end of the website they need to track products, inventory, shipping, visitors, orders, and usage statistics.  On the front end they need a dynamic content system capable of producing nice layouts, quickly.    They need most problems already solved.  That is where we come in.

Inherited Content

Commercial Grade Content Management System allows you to quickly build content.  Through the use of "inheritance" this content can easily grow or be modified as the site structure progresses.  Everything from dynamic content to CSS can be inherited, saving you tons of time and development.

Flexible Design

We realize no system can foresee all of our client's needs.  That is why we even allow the easy development of "custom blocks" which we can quickly develop and drop into layouts as needed.  It's quick, easy and modular enough to make support and development economical.

Advanced Development & Support

We develop custom catalogs, estimators, applications and on-line forms for dozens of companies. 

Its about Solutions

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